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What is Canvas Imaginarium?

Release your inner Picasso

Canvas Imaginarium offers one-of-a-kind painting events dipped in luxury to help make your experience perfectly picturesque. We specialize in bachelorette parties, company team building, "Paint and Sip" parties, and private instruction on various advanced painting techniques. We cater to those looking to host a unique and memorable event that stands out from the rest and for those wishing to learn the game-changing tricks designed to exponentially elevate one's painting abilities. Each event or lesson is paired with universally awesome music designed to help set the perfect mood for creation. 

Our new technique towards teaching painting guarantees beginners to take home a finished work of art and the more art-prone to experience a cathartic transformation in their approach to the act of painting.

We offer a variety of different painting styles. Enjoy the beauty of your own signature style by learning expressionism painting, or explore a different painting techniques through the recreation of a vivid scene of your choosing. Learn more under the Painting Styles tab in the menu bar.

We also offer professional photo and video packages to help you capture a memory that you will not want to forget. 

Contact us for more details and allow us to help you design the perfect paint event or private lesson that pairs perfectly with your goal towards delivering an unforgettable experience. To get a better grasp of what we offer, photos and videos are provided on the Current and Past Events page in the menu bar.  

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